Academic performance is not everything

There are many factors that determine whether your children become good or not. Good can have various meanings. Some parents define “good” as the ability of their children to behave well. The other parents think that good children are the ones who get good performance at school. Some others also have different opinion. They say that good children are the ones who can communicate and interact well in the society. They argue that good academic performance means nothing if the children have bad attitude and behavior, and cannot interact socially. What about you? Which one do you believe is the best definition of good children? Well, it depends on your aims in raising and parenting your children.

The facts show that academic performance is important in determining your children’s success in the future. But, that is not the only factor. So, you cannot focus only on developing your children academic capability without trying to build their behavior and attitude. What you should do is taking you children to meet other people regularly. In the weekend, you can visit your sister or brother, so that your children can meet their cousins. This strengthens the family bond and at the same time teaches your children to interact with others. Let your children to interact with the other children in your neighborhood. They may visit them or you may invite those children to play at your home in the weekend. Of course, you have to show your children that you have good relationship with your neighbors.

At school, suggest your children to help any friends who need help. You may also ask the teachers about you children social performance at school. In the church, there must be many social activities like gathering the donation, cleaning the environment, decorating the church for special events and many more. Give permission for your children to join social event. On their birthday, you may take them to the orphanage home to share the happiness. This is very valuable to increase the social sense of your children. Celebrating the birthday at home is commonly done by inviting families and friends. But, in the orphanage home your children can be happier and learn a lot of things at the same time.