Comprehend and apply the keys of the parenting skills

Parenting is considered as one of the toughest jobs in the world. It is because each child is unique and the same parenting skills cannot be applied exactly the same to another children. It is the toughest job also because not all parents have the ability to control themselves and to be consistence to the parenting rules. The environment and technology also have important roles in the application of good parenting system. In parenting your children, you have to comprehend the basic keys and apply them regularly.

Since you love your children very much, there is a strong feeling that you have to provide your children’s need and help them in doing anything. Well, it can be true and false. Perhaps your reason is making sure that your children are safe. But if you do that too much, you are on the way of creating miserable children. Always helping them tends to create spoiled children. They will not be self sufficient and independent in doing their daily activities. Providing too many things will make your children underestimate you and the items you provide. Surely, this is very bad for your children character’s building. So, the key you have to comprehend and apply is teaching your children to respect you and the items you give. They should know that you have done lots of effort to provide everything they need.

Sometimes you have to back off. There is no need to be beside them. It does not mean that you do not care, but this is the time you give space and let them to be more independent. What you are doing affects them very much because you let your children to think and solve the problem they may face. Not so many parents do this because they are afraid that something negative happens to their children. But, the facts show that backing off offer the opportunity for your children to be more creative. It is because their wheel brain is more active.