Love, the fundamental part of parenting skills

There must be many books and sources that you have read about good parenting. It is very important to do because you are not supposed to make any mistake in parenting your children. Besides setting the goals of your parenting you need to know your children’s characteristic before applying certain methods. Commonly children from six until ten years old are able to communicate well to the parents. This eases your tasks when you need to give directions or guidance. Since your children will always grow physically and psychologically, you should also up grade your parenting skills, so that you will be able to follow the changes happen.

Above all, the fundamental part of parenting skills that you must have is love. Yes, love is the basic of all actions you do to your child. When you are preparing the breakfast, you will automatically prepare it with love and expect that they like it. Another example is when your children got sick. You must be the one who feel sorry for this. Some parents often blame themselves for not doing the best and causing the children in trouble. In addition, you may be angry when your children do not follow the home rules. In this case, you do not have to feel sorry about your anger because you are doing the right thing. For instance, your children are supposed to be at home before dinner and do the homework, but they do not show up and do not do homework. There is nothing to worry for being angry and give punishment.

Your anger means you love them very much. You want them to follow the rules for positive reasons. If they do not do the homework, there must be something missing in the school performance. Being a little bit strict is also the way you show your love to your children. As long as you do not give physical punishment, such as smacking, pinching, and hitting, you are already on the right direction. Your love is above anything and everything you do is aimed to make your children in better condition.