Understanding the reasons behind your children unique behavior

Children are sometimes unpredictable. You may notice the way they behave in the morning for several days and you will see that they make you get surprised. Even they can make you laugh loudly through their behavior and attitude. On the other hand, there are possibilities that they make you get mad and cannot be controlled. Just like the adult, children behave based on their mood. The differences are the adult have the ability to control the emotion and to use their critical thinking. Children are still learning the way to reach them. Also, they are always curious to know something new. If you do not follow them, sometimes your children will get angry.

Actually, there are several reasons behind your children unique behavior. They have less experience and on the process of getting more and more experiences. That is why they usually want to do something they never do before. Or they want to do something exciting once more. Another reason is your children may be sensitive to something they feel strange. They will act quickly when they notice any differences. Also, your children will be easily notice any insincere smile and response fast when you lie or tell something untrue. So, basically you are the source of your children unique behavior. Your children behavior is the reflection of the way you behave. The simple example is the way you talk on the phone. Notice the way your children talk on the phone to their friends or grandma. You will see that they just act and talk like you do. As the closest person to your children, your responsibility is giving examples of good behavior.

The reason you have to accept is that your children are smart, even they can be smarter than you. Many parents deny this fact and they insist that the older must be the smarter. But, you should believe and expect that your children are smart. It is the reason why they can respond something quickly. And, they can adapt with the development of technology easily. Although sometimes they cannot be controlled and look rebellious, you have to keep thinking positively. They perhaps do that since they want to know something deeper and you do not give the access to that information.