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An Overview of the ISO/IEC 19763 standards

Hajime Horiuchi
Tokyo International University

The Metamodel Framework for Interoperability family of standards (ISO/IEC19763) facilitates business collaborations through E-business or knowledge sharing by providing mechanisms for registering metamodel in each registry in order that they may be shared among different business domains and people. Some parts of the standard, such as Part-1 (Reference model) and Part-3 (Metamodel for registering ontology ) were published in this February. Other parts such as Part-2 (core model) and Part-4 (Model mapping) are now still on the way of development.

However, to make the sharing of models including ontology more realistic and effective, other new facilities should be considered. Then, some topics were put on the study period in SC32 at the SC32 Kobe meeting, March 2006, to investigate the possibility of standardization. This session will deal with results of those studies and the possible future architecture of MFI standard, discussing issues, such as the registration procedure, the metamodel management and the process registration.

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