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Local weather:

The average temperature in New York during July is 85.2º F or 29.5º C.

Using taxi service:

Taxi service is available throughout most of Manhattan and is available by hailing any cab that is available. Available cabs are denoted by the lit numbers on the roof. Cabs in New York are cash only and the rider must pay for any tolls when crossing bridges. You should pay only what is on the meter and it is courteous to tip similarly to the restaurant industry. (15-20%)

It is strongly advised that you only use yellow medallion cabs. The medallion number is the number on the outside roof of the car, outside side of the car, on the partition inside the cab, and on the receipt. It is four characters that are comprised of: one number, followed by one letter, followed by two more numbers.

The rates are: (as of 1/25/2007)
$2.50 upon entry
$0.40 for each additional unit (a unit is 1/5 of a mile when traveling more than 6 MPH)
$0.40 per 60 seconds of waiting time (traveling less than 12 MPH)
$0.50 night surcharge after 8:00p and prior to 6:00a
$1.00 Peak Hour Surcharge from 4p – 8p, Monday – Friday

Estimated fares from/to suggested hotels are on the Lodging section.

Riding the subways:

Using the map below, note the subway line you’re riding and note the beginning and ending points. Typically, the ending point of the subway signifies the direction it is going. The exception is that sometimes there is a terminology of "downtown" and "uptown". This refers to the geographical direction of the subway. "Downtown" signifies that the subway is going south. "Uptown" signifies that the subway is going north. "Crosstown" indicates that the subway is going east/west.

The cost of the subways is $2.00 per ride and transfers are free. MetroCards can be purchased at various locations and loaded with as little as $4 and as much as $80 in order to prevent purchase of a new card every time the subway is ridden. The only subway that stops on Roosevelt Island is the F line.

Further information and directions can be obtained in most stations from a station agent.

The MTA web site has a guide for riding the subways.

Estimated fares and suggested routes from/to suggested hotels are in the Lodging section.

Links to local services:

  • Information about all the local transit possibilities in New York are available at the MTA web site. http://www.mta.info/nyct/index.html
  • Maps of the New York City subway system are also available at the MTA web site. http://www.mta.info/nyct/maps/submap.htm
  • The New York City government website has lots of information for visitors. http://www.nyc.gov

Power and plugs:

Electricity in the U.S. is 120V AC 60 cycles with a U.S. style three-pin socket. For your convenience here is an example of the U.S. standard power plug and outlet.

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