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Presentation templates for speakers are available here

Request A/V Equipment

Every breakout room will have a laptop, screen, and projector. If you need other A/V equipment, please let Kathryn Johnson, know as soon as possible (kjohnson@iiaweb.com)

Speaker Release Form

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Speaker's Letter

1 March 2007

Dear Open Forum 2007 Speaker,


Thank you for accepting the invitation to speak at the annual Open Forum Metadata Registries conference to take place 9-11 July 2007. The following is key information and important guidelines that we ask you to respond to as we continue to plan for and fully develop this conference.

Registration: If you have not already done so, please visit the conference web site and register at http://metadataopenforum.org. Unfortunately, we are unable to support travel, give honoraria, or provide complimentary registration. However, we hope that you will be able to attend the entire program as we think it will be very informative and lead to better discussion among the participants and speakers.

Audience: We expect approximately 100-200 information managers, database developers, information technologists, standards developers, and content managers to attend this program. We expect participants from all sectors, including federal government employees and contractors, academics, and commercial firms, since the announcement is being broadcast widely.

Agenda and Content of Presentation: The most recent version of the program is available from http://metadataopenforum.org. Please review the program and make sure that your name and contact information have been spelled correctly (include diacritic marks, if needed). Also, please provide a preliminary title for your presentation and a brief abstract to Daniel Redmon by 28 March, 2007. (e-mail: daniel@iiaweb.com)

The auditorium will seat up to 350 people. Therefore, we suggest that, if using PowerPoint slides (or other visual presentation), you use a dark-colored background with white lettering and font sizes of 18 points or larger. A PowerPoint template will be provided in the Speaker Information section of the web site in order to assist you with your presentation design. Use of these templates is not mandatory.

If you would like more specific advice on the content of your presentation, please contact Daniel Gillman (+1-202-691-7523 or Gillman.Daniel@bls.gov) or Gail Hodge (+1-865-742-5430 or ghodge@iiaweb.com). Logistics questions can be directed to Kathryn Johnson (+1-865-298-1234 or kjohnson@iiaweb.com).

There may be a wiki available before the meeting that will provide the presenters with a way to post additional information that may be valuable to participants. A list of standards numbers and their definitions, acronyms, and expansions would be of particular interest. More information will be available on the Speaker Information section of the web site.

Publishing Papers: If you are interested in publishing a paper based on your presentation in a special issue of a journal, please contact Gail Hodge (ghodge@iiaweb.com). Papers are not required for the conference.

Visuals and Equipment Needs: The Auditorium will include a personal computer running PowerPoint and a PC projection device. If you have other equipment or software needs, please let Kathryn know as soon as possible (kjohnson@iiaweb.com).

Please send your presentation to Daniel (daniel@iiaweb.com) no later than 22 June and he will load it to the computer in advance of the session. Also, please bring a backup copy on a memory stick or CD.

Release Form: A release form is available on the web site. We do not plan at this point to videotape the symposium. However, we would like to make the PPT presentations available from the Open Forum web site. Please complete this form and fax it to Kathryn (+1-865-481-0390) no later than 22 June. We suggest that you include a copyright statement on your presentation as appropriate. This applies also to works that are not copyrighted because of the authorís status as a government employee.

Resource Packets: Each attendee will receive a resource packet containing the program, the attendee list, and information about the area. We are not planning to photocopy the presentations since they will be made available from the web site. However, if you have screen shots, diagrams, or other parts of your presentation that will not be easily visible in the auditorium, please bring a copy for each attendee. A table for handouts will be available outside the auditorium door. A final count of the expected number of attendees will be provided after the June 22 registration deadline.

Biographical Sketch: A short narrative biographical sketch is needed for introductory purposes (please do not send a resume). Kathryn would appreciate this information at your earliest convenience but no later than 22 June.

Directions: Directions are available from the meeting web site: http://metadataopenforum.org. Please note that registration begins at 8:30 am.

Hotels: Hotel information is provided on the web site. There is a limited block of rooms at the Bentley Hotel, 500 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10021. The rates for this hotel are below the average rate for New York City and they will not last long. The block will be available until 8 June, 2007 or until it is depleted, whichever occurs first. Information about making hotel reservations and the availability of rooms will be updated on the conference web site. Please check the lodging section for more information.

We look forward to your participation in the workshop and thank you again for accepting our invitation.


Daniel Gillman

Frank Farance

Gail Hodge

And other Members of the Program Committee

  • Non-standard A-V needs
  • by email kjohnson@iiaweb.com
  • Preliminary title and brief abstract
  • by email daniel@iiaweb.com
    DUE BY 22 June
  • Short narrative bio (no resumes, please)
  • by email kjohnson@iiaweb.com
  • Release form
  • by fax +1-865-481-0390 Attn: Kathryn
  • Presentation
  • by email daniel@iiaweb.com
  • Optional Handouts for resource packets
  • hand carry day of the workshop
  • Presentation on a Memory Stick or CD
  • hand carry day of the workshop
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