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SC32 Annual Meeting

PLEASE NOTE: A separate registration form is to be completed for the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32 annual meeting. If you are attending BOTH the Open Forum and the SC32 meetings, you will need to complete this registration and the SC-32 registration form. That form is available at http://eventmanagement.infointl.com/sc32wg2/sc32_registration.html. If you are planning to attend ONLY the SC32 meetings, you need only complete the SC32 meeting registration form.


Online registration for Open Forum 2007 is available through Information International Associates, Inc. http://eventmanagement.infointl.com/openforum2007

Registration Fees:
  Before 8 June, 2007 After 8 June, 2007
Open Forum Annual Meeting $300 USD $350 USD

Special Considerations

If you have special needs or will require assistance please notify Kathryn Johnson kjohnson@iiaweb.com.

Tuesday night Reception

An evening reception, with heavy hors d’oeuvres and beverages, is planned as an optional event on Tuesday, 10 July. The cost is in addition to the conference registration fee. Accompanying persons are welcome as guests. The cost of attending is $60 USD for conference attendees and $75 USD for guests.

Tour of the NYPL

A guided tour of the New York Public Library, 42nd St. and 5th Ave., which is adjacent to the reception venue, is being offered Tuesday 10 July, preceding the evening event. The cost of the tour is $7 USD. A major library exhibit at the time is "Making the Scene: The Midtown Y Photography Gallery (1972-1996)".

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