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10th Open Forum on Metadata Registries

New York City, NY USA
9 - 11 July 2007

Read about the Conference Background

This Open Forum is the tenth annual forum in a series of international conferences about topics related to metadata, registries, interoperability, and semantics. It will focus on a series of core standards as well as on the selection, integration, and use of multiple standards in actual systems. The Open Forum will be held in New York City on 9 11 July 2007.

Open Forum 2007 Goals

The central goal of the Open Forum is to share and advance knowledge and experience about standards, the technologies that build upon them, and implementation experiences. Plenary sessions will provide updates on the core standards, track sessions will focus on implementations and future directions, and tutorials will provide hands-on experience for those who wish to learn particular standards in more detail. The speakers will explore what they are doing and planning in their implementation efforts. The discussions that follow will relate these experiences to the fundamental concepts and to research and development directions. Participants should leave the conference knowing more about standards, their appropriate use, successful implementations, and how they can be used together to solve problems in data interoperability and semantics.

The following are some of the standards and key questions that will be discussed:
Data Semantics: ISO/IEC 11179 (Metadata Registries)
Terminology: ISO 704 (Principles of Terminology)
ISO 1087-1 (Vocabulary for terminology work)
ISO/TC 37/SC 4 (Language Resources Management)
Interoperability: ISO/IEC 19763 (Framework for Metamodel Interoperability)
ISO/IEC 20944 (Interoperability and bindings)

We will also discuss other standards from ISO such as Data Categories (12620), Geographic Metadata (19115), and Topic Maps ( 13250), and standards from other standards development organizations such as RDF, OWL, and SKOS from W3C; CWM, SBVR, and ODM from OMG; and ebXML from OASIS.

Key questions:
  • What is metadata registration? How does it differ from just "publishing on the web"? What are the benefits?
  • How can we make use of terminology? Why are vocabulary standards useful?
  • What are services and how might they apply to metadata registries?
  • What is data semantics and how does it apply to terminology?
  • What experience is being accrued in making use of multiple international standards for metadata management?

Who Should Attend

The conference will gather together standards developers, software developers, academics, and practitioners from the public and private sectors to demonstrate accomplishments and to discuss current and future efforts. Attendees will have interests in metadata management and the use of international standards relating to data and terminology, with some having specialties in areas such as data search/retrieval, web search, and corporate data management.

Conference Chair:
Daniel Gillman Gillman.Daniel@bls.gov
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Arrangements Chair:
Frank Farance frank@farance.com
Farance Inc.

Conference Support:
Kathryn Johnson kjohnson@iiaweb.com
Information International Associates, Inc.
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