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U.S. Federal Data Architecture: Managing Data as a National Asset

Suzanne Acar
Federal Data Architecture Subcommittee

Federal information is a national asset needed by the public to understand the activities of their government and it is an internal asset to be leveraged across the single, federated government enterprise to:

  • Improve performance,
  • Support decision-making,
  • Document agency activities,
  • Fight the global war on terrorism, and
  • Enable accurate reporting.

The Federal Data Reference Model (DRM) supports the emergence of repeatable processes that enable agencies to discover, share and seamlessly exchange data and information relevant to meet business and mission objectives. The key to the DRMís successful implementation is the establishment of governance, guidance and processes to solve the real information sharing problems of government.

The Federal Community recognizes that government organizations must be accountable and their performance must be measured. This is best done through identifying lines of business and Communities of Interests (COIs), each taking responsibility for managing the data that support their business (or mission) and applying appropriate governance, standards, and services.

Dr. Suzanne Acar (DOI) co-chairs the Federal Data Architecture Subcommittee and will share her work and findings to enhance agency collaboration for improved information sharing. Points of emphasis will include:

  • The mission of the Federal Data Architecture Subcommittee,
  • The Federal DRM Management Strategy,
  • Engaging Communities of Interest and Stakeholders,
  • The Three Pillar Data Strategy Framework, and
  • Future directions.

Senior Enterprise Information Architect, and Co-chair, Federal Data Architecture Subcommittee
Office of the Secretary (OCIO)
U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI)

Chief Architect, and Co-chair, Federal Data Architecture Subcommittee
Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
Office of the Director for National Intelligence (DNI)

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