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ISO 22745: Open Technical Dictionaries Tutorial

Gerald Radack
Concurrent Technologies Corporations
Convener ISO TC184/SC4/WG3
ISO 22745 Editor

ISO 22745, Open technical dictionaries and their application to master data, is a system of descriptive technology used to create unambiguous, language independent descriptions of individuals, organizations, locations, goods, and services. Arising out of the logistics world, the standard defines the requirements, data model and XML exchange format for:

  • dictionaries of concepts to support coding of master data;
  • identification guides, which are statements of data recipients' requirements for describing members of a particular class of individuals, organizations, locations, goods, and services;
  • coded master data of specific of individuals, organizations, locations, goods, and services.

The standard also includes a web services interface for searching an open technical dictionary and for resolving a concept identifier to its meaning. These web services will be a specialization of the web services defined in ISO 29002, which is being developed jointly between the ISO 22745 and ISO 13584, Parts library, teams.

ISO 22745 is being developed under ISO TC184 Industrial automation systems and integration/SC4 Industrial data. The ISO 22745 team has been working with JTC1/SC32 to ensure compatibility with ISO/IEC 11179 as the metadata registry model and has been working with TC37 to ensure that the dictionary representation is compatible with basic terminology standards.

There are now some wide-scale implementations of the standard in the mining industry, NATO is promoting it as the bridge between their descriptive technology and industry, it is being incorporated into the DoD EMALL and Boeing is promoting it in the aerospace industry.

This tutorial will provide an in-depth look at the standard with examples taken from real master data.

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