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Terminology Resource Registries

Gail Hodge
Information International Associates, Inc. (IIa)

Identifying key concepts and terminology within a particular domain is key to the development of semantic web applications. In the past, concepts and terms were collected and organized in traditional resources such as thesauri, glossaries, dictionaries, and authority files. As organizations move down the path toward ontologies and semantic computing, these resources can provide valuable input. However, they are often difficult to locate and, even when they are available on the web, characteristics of key importance for human assessment and computer processing are not easily determined. This presentation describes efforts, led by the National Biological Information Infrastructure/US Geological Survey and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization within the Ecoterm Working Group of the Interagency/Interagency Cooperation on Ecoinformatics, to develop a registry of terminology resources and a metadata scheme for describing these resources.

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